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St Mary’s and Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea hospitals both offer an outpatient paediatric cardiology service, through joint clinics with the Royal Brompton paediatric cardiology department.

We provide outpatient screening and review of children or newborns with suspected congenital or acquired heart disease, including investigation of cardiac murmurs, dysrhythmias and chest pain.

Our renal paediatric specialist nurse provides 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. The Waller cardiovascular department provides 24-hour electrocardiography and seven day event monitors (ECG heart monitoring) to all age groups.

Children requiring inpatient treatment are referred to the Royal Brompton Hospital.

Inherited cardiac conditions (ICC)

Our ICC service is based at St Mary’s Hospital and provides care and screening for patients and families with, or at risk of, an inherited heart disease and risk of sudden death. We have expertise in screening and managing: cardiomyopathy, athlete's heart and other conditions that affect the heart muscle tissue, and conditions affecting the heart's electrical activity, e.g. long QT syndrome.

Family clinic

A monthly family clinic is run by Dr Amanda Varnava at St Mary’s Hospital with Dr Jan Till from the Royal Brompton Hospital. This clinic provides family screening in inherited cardiac conditions and sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS) and sees under 16s suspected of having inherited cardiac conditions, syncope (loss of consciousness) with abnormal ECG and a positive family history.

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