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The paediatric nutrition and dietetic service provides essential support and care for all paediatric inpatients, outpatient and day case services.

Many of our specialist paediatric services including allergy, haematology, neonatology and HIV require specialist paediatric dietetic input as part of the wider multidisciplinary team. Nutrition plays a vital role in the treatment of nearly all paediatric patients from intensive nutrition support to promote growth to dietary changes and restrictions to improve quality of life and improve medical outcomes.

Patients should expect be able to access our specialist paediatric dietitians in a timely and responsive fashion so that nutritional issues are minimised quickly and their treatment is maximised.

The overall aim of the paediatric dietetic service provides specialist nutritional assessment, treatment, advice as well as education to children, families and their carers. We offer:

  • oral nutrition support
  • enteral nutrition support 
  • parenteral nutrition support

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