Children's audiology


Our children’s audiology service is part of a multispecialty paediatric department. Many of the specialties are nationally and internationally renowned. We provide a comprehensive, family-friendly and integrated screening, diagnostic and habilitative audiology service for babies and children of all ages with hearing difficulties.

We have particular expertise in assessing children who are difficult to test, and provide a reactive service for babies and children who have lost their hearing as a result of meningitis, birth complications and other conditions such as glue ear. The service receives over 100 new referrals a month.

Conditions and treaments

We treat hearing loss and hearing impairment in babies and children. Investigations and tests include: electro-physiological assessment under natural sleep, sedation or general anaesthetic; full range of behavioural hearing assessment; full investigation of hearing loss including clinical balance assessment.

Treatments include: hearing aid fitting programming and follow up of all kinds of hearing aids including bone anchored and cross hearing aids.

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