The safety of patients, visitors and staff is our priority, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. To help prevent the spread of infection, we have put a range of measures in place.

Changes to visiting – May 2021

As Covid-19 infections continue to fall and we move out of lockdown, we are gradually welcoming visitors back into our hospitals. Please contact the relevant ward to speak to the nurse in charge to find out if and when it would be safe for you to visit.

It’s really important that we reintroduce visitors to our hospitals gradually so that we can monitor the impact and keep patients, staff and visitors safe.  Thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding. 

To stop the spread of the virus, we are:

  • following government advice
  • using personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • practising physical distancing - please stay two metres apart from others where possible while in hospital, even if you have had the Covid-19 vaccine
  • restricting visiting
  • increasing our hand and surface hygiene practice

Visiting restrictions

We are beginning to open up for visitors through May - please contact the relevant ward to speak to the nurse in charge to find out if and when it would be safe for you to visit.  We have always maintained visiting for exceptional circumstances, including:

Please speak to the nurse or midwife in charge of the ward or unit you or your loved one has been admitted to, about visitors who fit these criteria.

All visitors to our sites must:

Face coverings for visitors

All members of the public now have to wear face coverings when in hospital – whether they are visiting a patient or going to an outpatient appointment. This is to reduce the risk of transmitting coronavirus to others.

If you are visiting a patient in hospital, you must wear a face covering while inside the hospital building– even if you’ve had the Covid-19 vaccine. When you reach the ward, we will give you a surgical mask to wear and we may also ask you to wear additional PPE.

On leaving the ward we will help you to remove your PPE and put your face covering back on to leave the hospital building. If you are exempt from wearing a mask, please speak to a member of staff.

Exemption badges for those unable to wear face mask or covering

If you are unable to wear a face mask or face covering while in a public place, or need assistance due to your age, health or disability, you can print off a badge to let other people know. You can also print off a badge if you need people to take off their mask or face-covering so you can better understand what they say.

If wearing a face-covering is difficult for you, or if you are deaf or hearing impaired, please contact the number on your clinic letter before you come into hospital.

Information for relatives and carers

We want to involve you as much as possible in the assessment, treatment and recovery of the person you care for. We understand relatives and carers play a central role in our patients’ lives and we encourage you to share information about the person you are supporting with our staff as this will help us to look after them better.

Carers coming to hospital

Carers are welcome to come to hospital to support patients' health and social needs. Although there are restrictions on visitors coming to hospitals, a familiar carer or supporter is not considered a visitor. We recognise carers play a vital role in supporting patients’ communications needs – particularly where a patient has dementia, learning disabilities and/or autism. We can provide carers with a ‘carers passport’ so that each patient’s main carer can be identified easily. Ask your care team for more information.

Any visitors who are allowed must:

  • not come to the hospital if feeling unwell, including any cold or flu symptoms
  • wear a face covering inside hospital buildings
  • wash or gel your hands as soon as they enter a ward or unit
  • follow additional measures, including wearing PPE as directed by staff.
  • continue to follow these measures even if you have had a Covid-19 vaccine.

Please speak to a member of the ward team for further information about how we can work with you and support you to support our patients.

Keeping in touch

We have introduced several initiatives to help you keep in touch with family and friends during your stay in hospital.

Learn more about keeping in touch. This leaflet will help guide our patients through some of the changes we've made for inpatients in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Interpreting services

We can arrange interpreting services for patients who speak little or no English, who are deaf, hard of hearing, or need support when communicating.

Patient information

Visiting during the Covid-19 pandemic
Visiting during the Covid -19 pandemic - easy read