Find out how to refer patients to our children's services.

GP referrals and advice

Please use NHS e-Referrals to refer to our children's services. 

For our GP advice service:
Phone: 020 3311 6224

GP advice lines are available between 12.00 and 14.00, Monday through Friday. We will try our best to respond to email queries within 24 hours (except weekends and bank holidays).

In the case of an emergency or for time-critical queries, GPs should contact the on-call specialist registrar by calling the hospital switchboard.

Queries relating to specific patient referrals should be directed to the GP bookings office hotline on 020 3313 5060.

Secondary care

We can be contacted through switchboard at St Mary's Hospital and either requesting bleep 1202 (the on-call general paediatric registrar) or the on-call general paediatric consultant.

Switchboard: 020 3312 6666

Referring to our prolonged jaundice clinic

Newborn babies with prolonged neonatal jaundice can be referred directly by the health visitor or midwife to the dedicated clinic.

Please refer all well babies who have persistent jaundice for more than two weeks if term, or three weeks if pre-term.

Refer patients directly to the paediatric short stay unit. Phone 020 3312 6464 between 09.00 and 17.00, Monday through Friday. Ask to speak to the nurse in charge and you will be given a timed appointment.

You will also be asked to tell the parents to bring a recent stool sample from the baby and their parent-held record ‘red book’ to the appointment.

If the baby is unwell, please call the paediatric SpR on 020 3312 6666, bleep 1202 to discuss or the on-call consultant on the paediatric advice line 020 3311 6224 (12.00 to 14.00).