The clinic is led by Dr Leena Mewasingh, Dr Birgitta Bernhard and Dr Virginia Clowes.

Working across specialities, the paediatric neurogenetics clinic offers a multidisciplinary one-stop appointment for children, who will benefit from a joint assessment by paediatric neurology and clinical genetics. The neurogenetics clinic takes place monthly and is located at St Mary's Hospital. The clinic provides expert clinical work-up with targeted genomic investigations and/or integration of existing genomic results. There are close links with paediatric radiology at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and with the genetic counselling team at North West Thames Regional Genomics Service.

Our paediatric neurogenetics team is supported by a genomics practitioner and can be accessed via a dedicated email link. We aim to collaborate closely with colleagues referring to the service, and with local teams to streamline management approaches.

Referrals to the paediatric neurogenetics clinic are not useful:

  • if an urgent neurology opinion is needed (please contact the on-call neurologist).
  • if a specific question requires the input of a paediatric neurologist.
  • for the purpose of genetic counselling for an existing condition.

We do not offer long term follow up for individuals with genetic disease.

The team

Dr Leena Mewansingh, consultant paediatric neurologist
Dr Birgitta Bernhard, consultant clinical geneticist
Dr Virginia Clowes, consultant clinical geneticist
Emanuel Curetean, genomic practitioner

Meet the North West Thames Regional Genetics Team


If you want to refer a patient, please send your referral letter to the following email address:

It would be helpful if you could indicate whether any brain imaging was done and provide relevant details.

If genetic investigations have already been carried out, please attach a copy of all genetic testing reports.