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Coronavirus update - changes to the children's ambulatory service

Due to coronavirus (COVID -19) pandemic, the ambulatory unit is now open to children with appointment only until further notice. This is so we can look after babies and children who will be at higher risk of severe illness if they get the COVID -19 infection. .

We can see babies and children who have been referred and the referrer has made contact with us for a timed appointment, so we can make sure we have enough space for social distancing.

We will not be able to see children with breathing problems, cough, fever or vomiting and diarrhoea.


Only one parent/carer can attend with a child for an appointment. 


Changes to children’s services at Hammersmith Hospital - David Harvey unit

Until further notice, the David Harvey Unit is closed to self-referrals, suspending the walk-in service and routine bloods and health checks.

All self-referrals will be directed to the Urgent Care Centre at St Marys Hospital.

To maintain support and healthcare provision for the community, David Harvey Unit will operate telephone support for GPs, Health Visitors and Community Midwives during this crisis.

The David Harvey will not be able to accept:

  1. Children who have respiratory or other infectious symptoms (e.g. fever, diarrhoea)
  2. Children who require blood or blood product transfusion
  3. Children who require infusion of biologic type medicines e.g. Rituximab
  4. Children who might require admission to hospital

The dedicated telephone contact details are:

Duty Consultant

020 331 34729

Duty Consultant


Unit main desk

020 331 33301 or 020 331 33310, ask for consultant

We will provide urgent GP blood service by appointment only, please call 020 331 33301 or 020 331 33310.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these changes, they are necessary to safeguard patients, family and staff during this unprecedented time. 


The children's ambulatory unit and children's outpatients unit at Hammersmith Hospital sees babies and children up to their 16th birthday.

Our service aims to try to avoid unnecessary hospital admission for children whenever possible by observing children throughout the day on the unit when needed. Most of the children are then able to go home at the end of the day.

Children can be referred by their GP, health visitor or midwife, or they can attend without an appointment. Children who attend without an appointment might see our GP.

Children who have had injuries will be seen in the Urgent Care Centre at the front entrance of the hospital.

As we do not have a children's inpatient ward at Hammersmith, children who need an overnight admission are transferred to St Mary's Hospital.

Conditions we treat


  • feeding problems
  • weight loss or concerns about weight gain
  • jaundice
  • vomiting
  • constipation
  • diarrhoea
  • blood in stools
  • rashes
  • mild infections
  • umbilical conditions
  • clicky hips
  • concerns about head shape


  • asthma
  • persistent cough
  • vomiting and diarrhoea
  • rashes and other skin complaints
  • abdominal pain
  • concerns about growth
  • concerns about walking
  • headaches
  • ear infections
  • sore throat
  • enlarged lymph glands
  • urine infections

Education and elective placements

Elective placements can be requested through the team. We are only able to accept one elective student each summer.

The ambulatory unit provides a supportive environment for health professionals wishing to refresh their skills in common paediatric problems. We have hosted GP registrars, for example, who have not worked in paediatric settings before and who wish to do so before entering the general practice part of their training.

Please contact the unit on 020 3313 4729 to discuss further if you would like to join us.