Find out what to expect when you come to hospital for your child's sleep service appointment.

Before your appointment

The waiting time for an appointment for a sleep study is usually up to six weeks. We can see urgent cases sooner. Appointments for clinics will usually be sent to you by post. Any appointments for your child to come in for an overnight sleep study will be made by our administrator who will call you to agree a mutually convenient time.

Please remember to bring your child’s red book with you. Also, please remember to check the appointment letter for anything specific that you have been asked to bring on the day.
When you arrive you will be asked to provide:

  • your full address and telephone number(s)
  • your child’s appointment card and appointment letter
  • your child’s GP’s name and address
  • a list of questions you may want to ask the consultant

Please make sure you have this information prepared in advance.

If you require the service of an interpreter for the clinic or on the night of the sleep study, please call our administrator to arrange this on 020 3312 1377.

During your appointment

When you arrive at the hospital, please go to the paediatric outpatient on the sixth floor of the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (QEQM) building at St Mary’s Hospital.

During your appointment a consultant will take your child’s medical history and ask you to complete a questionnaire. They will explain what the sleep study is and attach sensors on your child. 

After your appointment

Sleep study reports are usually produced within two weeks. A follow-up appointment with a specialist is often required. This could be with the sleep clinic, ear nose and throat (ENT) team, the respiratory clinic, the allergy clinic, neurology or psychiatry.