Our children's respiratory service is managed by a team of consultants and specialists.

Consultants and registrars

Professor John Warner, professor of paediatrics
Dr Helen Cox, consultant paediatric allergist
Dr Parviz Habibi, reader and honorary consultant, paediatric intensivist and respiratory medicine
Dr Robert Boyle, consultant paediatric allergist
Dr Claudia Gore, consultant paediatric allergist
Dr Abbas Khakoo, consultant paediatrician, allergy
Dr Sharon Hall, consultant paediatrician, allergy
Dr Ian Pollock, consultant paediatrician, allergy
Dr Eleanor Mary Minshall, locum consultant paediatric allergist
Dr Paul Turner, clinical lecturer and registrar, paediatric allergy
Dr Emily Derrick, registrar, paediatric allergy


Ruth Chalmers, dietitian

Paediatric allergy nurse specialists

Christine O’Keefe
Fiona Henley
Ferdinand Morales
Eliana Leitao
June Von Trilsbach