Information on changes we are making to help respond to coronavirus and protect our patients, visitors and staff.

Coronavirus latest information and advice

This page provides the latest information on changes we are making to help respond to coronavirus and protect our patients, visitors and staff.

If you have symptoms

The most common symptoms of coronavirus are recent onset of a new, continuous cough and/or a high temperature.

  • If you have either a fever or a cough – stay at home for seven days
  • If you live with someone who has a fever or a cough but you don’t have symptoms – stay at home for 14 days; this is because you may develop the virus yourself during the incubation period. If you don't get sick you complete 14 days at home.
  • If you’re self-isolating at home for 14 days because someone in your house is sick and in that period you get either a fever or a cough, the 14 day rule no longer applies to you, as it’s likely you’ve now got coronavirus. Your self-isolation clock starts and you need to stay at home for seven days from the first day of your symptoms no matter how far through the household 14 days you are. This may mean you come out before 14 days if you get symptoms early, or later than 14 days if you get symptoms late into the 14 day period. 

You do not need to call NHS 111 to say you are staying at home. If your symptoms worsen while staying at home, or are no better after seven days, contact NHS 111 online.

For more information on coronavirus, visit NHS website.

Your hospital appointment

Unless we have asked you to come into hospital - or postponed your appointment, all face-to-face outpatient appointments are being replaced by telephone or video consultations.

You will receive:

  • a call from your doctor offering you a telephone consultation if clinically possible. Your doctor will aim to call you within an hour of your scheduled appointment time
  • If you miss the telephone call, or are not able to answer the call, your doctor will review your notes, write a letter to you and your GP and make follow up arrangements as necessary
  • some of our services are now offering video consultations. If this applies to your appointment further details of how to access our video consultation portal will be issued to you via text message

Planned procedures and surgery

Unless we have asked you to come into hospital, all non-urgent planned surgery and procedures, like endoscopy and scans, are postponed. We will be in touch to rebook your appointment.

We are also working with NHS partners and the independent sector to move some urgent surgery and procedures to other providers.

We will contact you directly if you need to come into hospital or if we need to move your surgery or procedure to a different provider.

Visiting restrictions in hospital

To help prevent the spread of infection and protect our patients, we’re really sorry that we are not currently allowing visitors in our hospitals. This has been a difficult decision to make but we no longer feel we can prevent the risk of spreading the infection if we continue to allow visitors to our hospitals.

Visitors will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, including:

  • for a patient at end of life
  • one regular carer for a patient with additional needs, such as a patient with dementia
  • one parent/guardian for a child
  • one birth partner

Please speak to the nurse or midwife in charge of the ward or unit to consider any exceptional arrangements.

Any visitors who are allowed must:

  • not come to the hospital if you are feeling unwell, including cold or flu symptoms
  • wash or gel your hands as soon as you enter a ward or unit
  • follow the additional measures that will be requested by our staff if you are visiting a patient with an infection.

Service changes

Some of our services are running very differently or not at all, or are offering specific advice for their patients and referrers. Please see the pages below for more information:

Imperial Private Healthcare

Imperial Private Healthcare is part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and is proud to be supporting the NHS in the fight against coronavirus. Our private patient units are making changes to help respond to coronavirus and protect our patients, staff and visitors. Visit Imperial Private Healthcare's website to learn more.