Information for parents and visitors of our neonatal units.

Information for parents and visitors

Having a baby admitted to a neonatal unit is often an unexpected and unsettling experience for parents. When babies are admitted to us, we aim to help parents feel welcome, and to provide reassurance and information. You will be given a copy of our information pack, which includes our hand-washing and visiting guidelines, and the ‘BLISS Parent Information Guide’ about having a premature or sick baby. We will also tell you about the neonatal unit and update you on your baby’s condition.

Visiting policy

All the babies cared for on the neonatal unit are very susceptible to infections and need to be protected. Influenza and other viruses can cause significant problems for sick or vulnerable babies. The best way to reduce the risk of any infection reaching the neonatal unit, and to prevent the babies catching them, is to limit the number of visitors coming into the neonatal unit. Parents have unrestricted access to the neonatal unit, but please make sure to read our notices detailing the start date and content of our winter visiting policy.

Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital neonatal unit

Main reception: 020 3313 5158
Intensive care unit: 020 3313 3174
Special care unit: 020 3313 3908

St Mary’s Hospital neonatal unit

Main reception: 020 3312 1103
Intensive care unit: 020 3312 6294
Special care unit: 020 3312 5059

For questions about neonatal follow-up clinic appointments once your baby has been discharged contact our neonatal secretaries on 020 3313 5369 or by fax 020 3313 1122.

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