External shot of Wolfson fertility centre

About our fertility services

Most people do not expect to have fertility challenges. When it happens to you, the range of treatments and options available can feel completely overwhelming.

At the Wolfson Fertility Centre we know the right treatment for you is based on your individual circumstances. Our role is to give expert advice you can trust – supporting you throughout your treatment journey in an honest and sensitive way.

We opened the doors to our clinic in 1982 and were the first hospital in London to have a baby born by IVF. Since then, thousands of healthy babies have come into the world with the help of our clinic. Some of the leading lights in fertility treatment have been part of our team.

With short waiting lists for fertility treatment, as well as high success rates, we welcome all families – whether you are a single parent, in a same sex couple or exploring surrogacy. We look after patients with straightforward and complex fertility challenges. If you plan to delay starting a family, we can support you with fertility preservation options too.

As part of a large hospital trust, we use the latest techniques in HFEA-accredited laboratories and offer genetic screening services.

We are committed to providing transparent, evidence-based care to our patients. We honour the trust our patients put in us and will not put you forward for treatment unless there is a chance of a positive outcome. Any procedure we suggest is backed up by scientific research.

Whether you are trying to conceive, or have had previous fertility treatment, or considering fertility preservation, we are here to guide you through the next stage.

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