About the service

The broad expertise and vast experience of our cardiologists and cardiac surgeons make our cardiac services team one of the best in the UK. 

You will be cared for by highly skilled consultants, nurses and surgeons who have an in-depth practical knowledge of how to treat, or prevent your heart condition in the safest way. 

We offer the complete range of investigations and treatment options for all heart conditions.

Doctors and nurse engaging in cardiac day ward

Why choose us

Through our multidisciplinary team approach, we share best practice and innovative methods, so that we can offer a fully comprehensive range of heart investigations and procedures across your entire treatment path. 

Not only that, but our ability to carry out all procedures in-house means you can be assured of a consistent and streamlined experience throughout your care. 

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Meet the team

Our consultants are continually applying the latest evidence-based treatments and procedures ensuring the highest standard of care in the safety of a large specialist facility. 

Research and innovation

Our cardiovascular unit has a worldwide reputation as a pioneer in its field, with strong academic and research links and a commitment to exploring cutting-edge technology.