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Fertility support and complementary therapies

We are committed to supporting you through your fertility investigations and treatment.

Emotional support and therapies

We offer a confidential counselling service before, during and after your treatment with our counsellor Sarah Denning. Sarah is an expert in counselling couples and individuals who are undergoing fertility treatment.

You are entitled to one counselling session as part of your fertility treatment with us. All additional counselling sessions cost £50 an hour.

Contact our admin team to book your appointment and discuss your needs.

After care

While we do everything we can to help you have a healthy baby, we understand that not every treatment will be a success. If your round of treatment was not successful, we will invite you to a follow-up appointment with your consultant where you will discuss your options and next steps. There is no cost for this appointment.

If your cycle results in a successful pregnancy, we will be happy to refer you to maternity services at Imperial College Healthcare, rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.

Complementary therapies

Because we are committed to providing evidence-based care, we do not offer complementary therapies. Some of our patients choose to use meditation, acupuncture, massage, specialist diets or other complementary therapies to help manage the stress that can be triggered by undergoing fertility investigations and treatments. While we won’t recommend or refer you for such treatments, we encourage you to discuss them with us before you proceed to avoid anything that could prove risky.

Similarly, there is no evidence that particular foods or diets will help you conceive. However, we recommend you follow a healthy balanced diet and do not smoke or use recreational drugs.

There is some evidence that maintaining a healthy weight can increase your chances of conceiving, which is why there are limitations on NHS funding for fertility treatments for people with higher body mass index (BMI). offers great advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are interested in consultant a professional dietician, you are welcome to do so, and we would be happy to liaise with that professional to support your care.


We understand that your fertility journey will include a lot complex medical information. This fertility glossary managed by the charity Fertility Network UK may be a helpful resource as you navigate your fertility treatment options.