Paediatric services

Expert paediatric care

Imperial College Healthcare Private Care provides expert private paediatric care for children and young people from across the UK and around the world.

Private paediatric services are carried out at St Mary’s Hospital. The safety of our services for children and young people is enhanced by the back-up support of further paediatric facilities, including intensive care, and on-site NHS services, including a paediatric accident and emergency department.

Working within a major teaching hospital means we have the complete range of diagnostic techniques at our disposal, so we can create the most appropriate treatment path for your child from the outset. We have world-renowned paediatric haematology and allergy services, and can offer a range of other paediatric specialisms. Please contact us to discuss whether we can assist your child.


Allergies are the base of many problems, including eczema, food intolerance and respiratory problems, such as asthma.

Working as a multidisciplinary team of nurses and scientists, we will carry out extensive skin and food allergy testing and in-depth assessments of your child’s lung function and airwaves. Our renowned allergy team has made significant medical advances that mean we can quickly and accurately diagnose conditions and help your child control their symptoms. We use different techniques and immune therapy to desensitise your child to their allergy.

We also offer expert service for drug allergies, to help mitigate reactions if your child is required to take medication for another condition.

Other conditions

Please contact us to discuss other services such as general paediatrics, ear, nose & throat, general surgery, neurology and orthopaedic support.

Making an appointment

The standard process is to be referred from your GP or a consultant seeing your child. However, if you have the required insurance, we are happy to accept private referrals. Please call us on +44 (0)20 3311 7700 or email for more details.