Antenatal care at The Lindo Wing

Antenatal care

We guarantee that from the moment we meet you, until the day you and your baby are discharged, you will receive continuity of care from your obstetrician and our team of highly-skilled midwives. 


Whether you have a high or low risk pregnancy, we will work in partnership with you and support you throughout your pregnancy and birth journey. Under the guidance of your consultant obstetrician, we will ensure you are closely monitored and understand the options available to you. 

Our team has the expertise to give immediate advice on the next steps if an issue with your pregnancy or baby is detected. They will work closely with other specialist colleagues to ensure that any condition is investigated quickly. 

We also have a specialist service to support you if you have recurrent miscarriages or early pregnancy concerns

Day assessment unit 

The day assessment unit is run by our expert team of midwives, and is available if you have any concerns with your pregnancy. We accept enquiries directly from patients or your consultant. 

Our opening hours are 8.00 to 19.00, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

This service is exclusively for people giving birth at The Lindo Wing. 

Antenatal classes 

To help you prepare for your new arrival, we offer a range of antenatal classes available exclusively to parents having their baby at the Lindo Wing. 

We allow a maximum of five couples to book onto each course. Our intimate groups give you, and your birthing partner, time to have in-depth conversations with our midwives and you can also raise any questions or concern. There will also be opportunities to connect and talk with your fellow attendees in every session. 

Parent education course

The Lindo Wing parent education course is delivered by our experienced midwives through a weekly two-hour session over a three week period. 

We cover a range of topics during the three sessions. Each session is tailor-made to provide you with all of the information you need throughout your pregnancy, in preparation for your birth at the Lindo Wing and for parenthood. 

The parent education course is led by our antenatal team every month. To find out the next course dates please contact our team at

The course itinerary is divided into three sessions:

Session one 

The journey towards birthing your baby   

  • Pregnancy and hormonal changes 
  • Nutrition and exercise 
  • The importance of the pelvic floor muscles  
  • Stages & signs of labour 
  • Preparing yourself and your partner for the birth- the role of the birthing partner 
  • The birth plan 
  • Natural methods of pain relief (i.e. Aromatherapy, breathing, relaxation, massage, TENS etc.) 

Session two 

Birthing your baby 

  • Types of birth (natural birth, c-section, instrumental birth, breech birth)  
  • When to come in  
  • When things do not go as planned  
  • Pharmacological pain relief methods 
  • Induction of labour 

Session three 

After your birth  

  • The morning after your birth at the Lindo Wing – who and what to expect 
  • Early days with your baby 
  • Baby care  
  • Baby-led feeding  
  • What to expect when you go home 
  • Postnatal adjustments 

When is the next course?

The upcoming dates for the Parent Education course are:

Tuesday 13th of August 2024 from 18:00-20:00 (Session 1)
Tuesday 20th of August 2024 from 18:00-20:00 (Session 2)
Tuesday 27th of August 2024 from 18:00-20:00 (Session 3)

Tuesday the 10th of September from 18:00-20:00 (Session 1)
Tuesday the 17th of September from 18:00-20:00 (Session 2)
Tuesday the 24th of September from 18:00-20:00 (Session 3)

Please see our packages and fees list for the class prices.

To reserve your place please call +44(0)20 3312 6224.

Caesarean section workshop

This workshop is specifically designed for people having a planned caesarean section.

What will the workshop cover?

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Birth and caesarean background reasons for a caesarean – risks and benefits
  • Caesarean under general anaesthetic
  • Relaxation and preparing for your baby’s birth
  • After your caesarean and recovery

Infant feeding workshop

The two-hour workshop will be led by our highly experienced lactation consultant with an emphasis on breaking down the overwhelming amount of information available for new parents.  

The session will focus on the information you need to know about feeding your baby and is ideal for pregnant mothers and parents who have started their feeding journey.

What will the workshop cover?

During the workshop you will discover:

  • How your body produces milk 
  • Colostrum harvesting 
  • Positioning and attachment 
  • Hand expressing  
  • Myths and beliefs  
  • Questions you may have about infant feeding

When is the next workshop?

The upcoming workshop dates are:

Friday 2nd of August appointments available from 10:00-12:00
Friday 13th of September appointments available from 14:00-18:00
Friday 20th of September appointments available from 14:00-18:00

Lactation clinic appointment 

 An hour-long 1:1 clinic appointment is also available to new parents who would like personalised support with feeding. This can be booked as a separate service or as a helpful addition to the infant feeding workshop. 

Upcoming appointment slots 

The upcoming dates are available for lactation clinic appointments:

Friday 2nd of August appointments available from 14:00-18:00
Friday 13th of September appointments available from 14:00-18:00
Friday 20th of September appointments available from 14:00-18:00

Baby first aid workshop

Join us for our comprehensive Baby first aid workshop designed to equip parents and caregivers with essential skills in handling emergency situations involving young infants and babies. Led by our experienced and friendly midwifery team, this workshop offers a perfect blend of an informative presentation and hands-on practical sessions using suitable training dummies.

What will the workshop cover?

You will cover the key learning points during the workshop:

  • CPR techniques tailored for infants and young babies
  • Effective methods to handle choking incidents
  • Immediate response strategies for burns and other common injuries and illnesses
  • Understanding when to seek professional medical assistance

By the end of this workshop, participants will feel confident and prepared to manage emergency situations involving babies and infants in the safest and most appropriate manner.

When is the next workshop?

Our next available workshop dates are as follows:

Tuesday 30th of July 2024 from 18:00-20:00
Tuesday 3rd of September 2024 from 18:00-20:00

Baby massage workshop

Our baby massage workshop offers the skills to extend your gift of intuitive touch to help soothe your baby and deepen your bond. Our two-hour massage workshops are relaxed, fun and open to all parents at the Lindo Wing.

Please see our packages and fees list for the class prices.


Bespoke packages 

If you would like a more tailored approach, we can also offer bespoke one-to-one antenatal classes to suit your individual needs at a time to suit you. Please contact our team for more details. 

Booking classes 

We recommend that antenatal classes are booked any time after 28 weeks of pregnancy. This gives you an opportunity to think about any questions or concerns you may have leading-up to the birth and make sure you are familiar with the Lindo Wing surroundings before your baby arrives. 

For more information about any of the courses, information on course dates or to book your place please email or call 0203 312 6224.