Our neuro-oncology service includes consultant neurosurgeons, consultant neurologists and consultant clinical oncologists.

Consultant neurosurgeons

Mr David Peterson, clinical director, stroke and neurosciences
Miss Sophie Camp, head of specialty for neuroscience - joint Trust lead for neuro-oncology
Professor Dipanker Nandi
Mr Kevin O'Neill
Mr Pratipal Kalsi
Mr Haider Kareem
Mr Ramesh Nair

Mr Nigel Mendoza
Mr Kevin Tsang 
Mr Christian Ulbricht

Consultant clinical oncologists

Dr Matt Williams, lead oncologist and joint Trust lead for neuro-oncology
Dr Waqar Saleem
Dr Waleed Mohammad 
Dr Alison Falconer

Consultant neurologists

Prof Michael Johnson

Neuro-oncology specialist nurses

Ms Shivani Soni, lead CNS for neuro-oncology and head and neck cancer - joint Trust lead for neuro-oncology
Mr James Tallant 
Ms Giovanna Cella
Ms Fiona Jones  

Allied health professionals

Ms Abby Harper-Payne, neurosurgery advanced clinical practitioner
Ms Davina Richardson, clinical service lead therapist - neurosciences
Mr Graeme Cossou, clinical specialist physiotherapist - neurosurgery
Ms Jasbir Ranu, clinical lead occupational therapist - neurosurgery
Ms Elinor Morgan, specialist physiotherapist - neurosciences
Ms Olivia Honey, specialist occupational therapist - neurosciences
Ms Josephine Schena, specialist occupational therapist - neurosciences
Ms Zasha Mauger Hillier, clinical lead speech and language therapist
Ms Claire Afford, highly specialist - speech and language therapist