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Mr Christian Ulbricht studied medicine in Germany but came to the UK in 1995. He was trained in neurosurgery in London and became a consultant at Charing Cross Hospital in 2006. His interest within neurosurgery is spinal surgery and his NHS and private practice have been solely in this field for many years. He developed the neurosurgical spinal service at Charing Cross hospital which is now the largest in west London.


Assessment and treatment of back and neck pain including sciatica, spinal surgery including complex procedures, minimal invasive surgery and percutaneous procedures, surgery for spinal tumours including metastatic cancer, spinal trauma and infections including TB

Research & publications

Mr Ulbricht's interests are degenerative spine disorders and metastatic spinal cord compression. He is a member of the Global Spine Tumour Study Group which publishes frequently on surgery for cancer. He is also on the advisory board of the European Spine Journal.

Private practice

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