Neuro-oncology clinics are held at Clinic 8, a dedicated cancer clinic at Charing Cross Hospital.

Neuro-oncology clinics at Charing Cross Hospital

The neuro-oncology clinics see a range of patients with a variety of different brain tumour and spinal tumour types, who may need to see a range of staff. Some of those patients are referred at very short notice, and some patients need to see very specific members of staff. Because of this, the clinic can busy, and patients may be seen in a particular order, rather than the order in which they arrive or are booked to be seen. Most clinics are held in clinic 8, a dedicated cancer clinic at Charing Cross Hospital.

The range of clinics include:

  • Oncology clinic (Monday mornings)
  • Skull-base tumour clinic in the main outpatients department (Monday mornings)
  • Oncology follow-up clinic (Wednesday evenings)
  • Joint surgery and oncology clinic (Thursday mornings)
  • Nurse-led follow-up clinic (Friday mornings)

In addition, we offer Skype-based clinics for remote consultations with patients and families and daily specialist nurse telephone clinics for patients with queries and problems via the Macmillan navigator service.


Clinic 8
First Floor
Charing Cross Hospital
Fulham Palace Road
London W6 8RF


Clinic 8 is open daily – please check your appointment letter for more details.

Additional information

Please note: If you are seeing one of our team of neurosurgeons, your appointment may be in the main outpatients department on the first floor of Charing Cross Hospital.