The psycho-oncology team offers a specialist psychological care service for people affected by cancer, as well as their partners, families or carers, at any point during their care at Imperial.

We are embedded in the cancer centre and work alongside cancer doctors and nurses, to meet the psychological needs of patients and carers at any point, from diagnosis through treatment onwards. 

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Conditions and treatments

It is common for people who are dealing with the diagnosis, treatment or after-effects of cancer to feel distressed. People make it through this tough time using their own resilience, the support of friends, family and peers, as well as organisations such as Macmillan, Maggie’s, Mulberry Centre, Trekstock, The Haven, and many others. 

Most people also find support in the expert care of their doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, and particularly the cancer clinical nurse specialists, who are also specifically trained in psychological support.

Sometimes, however, where people experience persistent distress that is hard to manage, additional input from psychological care specialists can be useful.

Our input is available to people with any cancer diagnosis, at any stage of their care, with cancer-related difficulties such as:

  • Anxiety, panic or worry that is hard to manage
  • Feeling low or depressed a lot of the time
  • Difficulties making decisions about, or coping with, cancer treatments
  • Relationship difficulties e.g. with a partner, in the family or with hospital staff
  • Body image or sexual difficulties

Our clinical approach is always personalised to the individual, and we will discuss our advice and suggestions very openly and transparently.

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