We provide a full range of diagnostic tests, scans and examinations for patients suspected of bowel cancer to enable us to rule out cancer, or start appropriate treatment as early as possible where cancer is found. We have one of the lowest cancer mortality rates in the country.

Conditions and treatments

We treat bowel and anal cancers with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

If your clinician recommended you have tests such as a colonoscopy (looking at the whole large bowel using a telescope) or sigmoidoscopy (looking at the lower end of the large bowel using a telescope) you would have been asked to deliver the form to the endoscopy department, so you can be allocated a date.

If your clinician recommended you have a computerised tomograpy (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan or endo-anal ultrasound these will be booked electronically and the scanning department will contact you by letter informing you when the test will take place.

Additional information

Clinical trials and research

We have an extensive research department and are the top recruiters of patients to clinical trials in the UK with a varied portfolio of trials. patients on trials will receive a research nurse and be given information on the subject.

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