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Mr Jamie Murphy completed his medical school training at the University of St Andrews, Harvard University and St John’s College, Cambridge. After qualification he undertook his higher general surgical training at the Royal London Hospital and was awarded a PhD in colorectal molecular oncology. Following this training Jamie embarked upon three colorectal surgery fellowships at: St Mark’s Hospital to undertake specialist training in pelvic exenteration and sacrectomy for locally advanced/recurrent pelvic cancer; the Basingstoke Peritoneal Malignancy Institute for specialist training in the use of intraperitoneal chemotherapy for recurrent abdominal cancers; and the Mayo Clinic in the US for training in advanced minimally invasive surgery and the use of intraoperative radiotherapy to treat pelvic cancers that are unresectable. Following this subspecialty training, Mr Murphy was appointed as assistant professor of surgery at the Mayo Clinic prior to his return to London as a consultant colorectal surgeon at St. Mary’s and Hammersmith hospitals, London.  His specialist clinical and academic interests include the use of advanced minimally invasive surgery and the treatment of primary or recurrent abdominal/pelvic cancers. He has published and presented extensively and is a reviewer for numerous surgical journals.


Lower intestinal surgery, primary colorectal cancer, complex cancer and peritoneal disease, pelvic floor disorders, proctology

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