The aim of the service is to establish a vague symptoms clinic for all primary care patients with non-specific signs or symptoms which may suggest cancer but that do not fit a traditional two week wait (2WW) tumour-specific pathway. In line with the Faster Diagnosis Standard (FDS) the Non-Specific Symptoms (NSS) cancer service aims to diagnose patients within 28 days.


Conditions we treat

We are a rapid diagnostic service for patients with non-specific symptoms of cancer. We will refer patients onwards for treatment. If a patient is diagnosed with cancer we will refer to the appropriate specialist team. Some patients with a non cancer significant diagnosis will be referred by us to the hospital specialists.


Treatments we offer

We will refer patients to other hospital specialists for treatment. Treatment may include medication, chemotherapy , radiotherapy or surgery.

Further online resources

Additional information

Email address for GPs and internal queries only:


Meet the team

The clinical staff for the service are as follows:

  • Dr Sarah Bull, GP
  • Dr Alexandra Thomson-Moore, GP
  • Mrs Maria McGuigan (advanced nurse practitioner)



Referrals will only be accepted from primary care. GPs can refer patients to the non site specific cancer rapid diagnostic clinic service using the referral form via C the signs platform and/or System One.

A referral assessment service (RAS) will be undertaken upon receipt of referral.