Find out how to refer patients to our neuro-oncology service, which cares for patients with brain tumours and spinal tumours from across north west London.

GP referrals

GPs should use the two week wait referral pathway for standard referrals to our neuro-oncology service.

Urgent referrals should be made through the on-call referral system via the on-call neuro-surgical registrar. To do this, please call 020 3311 1234 and ask the operator to bleep the on-call neuro-surgical registrar (bleep 8075).

Two week wait cancer referrals — click here to learn more


Patients and carers should contact the Macmillan navigator service with any questions about the service or their care.

GPs and healthcare professionals seeking advice may use the following details to contact our team:


Phone ‘The BrainCell’: 07826 917492 Monday through Friday, 08.30 to 17.00

MDT outcomes:

Secretary: or 020 3311 8427

Additional clinic information for GPs

Patients who are referred urgently will be discussed at the daily neuro-surgical meeting, and the neuro-surgical SpR on call will contact the referring doctor directly.

We run a joint neurosurgery-oncology clinic on a Thursday morning, and both skull-base and oncology clinics on a Monday morning. There is an additional oncology clinic on a Wednesday evening. There is a nurse-led clinic ona Friday morning. Letters will be dictated from clinic and made available electronically via the Trust clinical document library for participating GPs. Otherwise they will be posted out as standard.

Patients are also given written information, including contact details, when they are seen in clinic (see below). MDT proformas are also sent to the GP, and this contains information relating to a patient's presentation history, imaging and histopathology findings, and a discussion of the MDT outcome and the treatment plan for the patient.

For clinical queries, please contact the clinical nurse specialist team (details above).

Following admission to hospital 

Many patients with brain tumours will develop symptoms or be admitted to hospital as an emergency. We are always keen to hear about them and offer help where we can. Oncology, neurosurgery and specialist nurses are all based at Charing Cross Hospital. If the patient is acutely unwell, liaise with your local acute general medical team (via emergency department /medical team) and stabilise the patient (steroids, anti-epileptics).

For new referrals from secondary care, please use the ReferaPatient online portal and bleep the on-call neurosurgical SpR.

Bleep: 020 3313 1234, bleep 8075

For advice on existing patients please email or phone our service using the contact details listed above.