An innovative approach to weight loss

Consultant endocrinologist, Dr Saira Hameed explains an innovative, scientifically-based programme to support patients looking to achieve a healthy body weight which is now on offer through Imperial Private Healthcare.

With many people seeking to lose weight and improve their health, finding effective ways to support weight loss is an important topic.

I’m delighted that Imperial Private Healthcare is now offering patients a new approach to weight loss, based on personal biochemistry. The programme is called SatPro (short for Satiety Protocol) and it works with the patient’s own metabolism to ensure that the food they eat leaves them feeling satisfied, reducing the propensity to overeat. 

The SatPro Programme involves normal, everyday foods, not meal replacements or supplements. Patients are given advice about the most appropriate diet based on their body’s biochemistry and hormones. It is this scientific approach that sets SatPro apart from many other weight loss plans. 

Tailored support 

In simple terms, your weight is hormonally underpinned. Everything from the pleasure of eating, to hunger and feeling full is all physiologically regulated by hormones. By understanding this we are able to offer really tailored support to each patient. 

Our programme encompasses behavioural change as well as food choices and exercise. Patients attend a series of 15 appointments, each with a clearly defined objective, plus homework, which could be food, exercise or wellbeing related. Patients will only succeed if they fully commit to the programme and make following SatPro their priority every day. The programme is very much a long term personal investment, not a quick fix. 

Outstanding results 

SatPro’s results are impressive. In most weight loss programmes the average weight loss is under five percent. In comparison, patients who complete SatPro achieve average losses of 14 to 15 percent of body weight. Patients are also likely to see other positive impacts on their health such as diabetes control and reduced blood pressure. Wellbeing including energy levels, mood and confidence also significantly improve. The health benefits of any weight loss are clear, but losses of over ten per cent have a really powerful impact on blood pressure, diabetes and a marked reduction on pressure in the joints, not to mention improvements in overall wellbeing. 

The programme is not suited to everyone, so patients have an in depth initial consultation in which their health and lifestyle are comprehensively reviewed before they are accepted. After the initial consultation, patients will either be accepted on the programme or referred to a specialist who is better able to support them. 

 The programme is not necessarily an alternative to weight loss surgery and some patients may still need to consider weight loss surgery to achieve their final goal. But if the way they eat, move and look after their mind and body has changed, it makes the path ahead much smoother, and sets them on a better path after surgery. I work extremely closely with my weight loss surgery colleagues to make sure we offer the best course of action for all our patients.” 

To enquire about the SatPro programme, please contact our referrals team on 020 3311 7700 or email

Prior to October 2023, Imperial College Healthcare Private Care was known as Imperial Private Healthcare.