Healthcare London launches in GCC showcasing London’s international medical expertise

Healthcare London, a collaborative of leading private healthcare providers and teaching hospitals, is attending Health Tourism Future Forum in Saudi Arabia to showcase why London is the medical destination of choice for international patients seeking to advance their complex care needs.

Officially launching at the forum in Riyadh, Healthcare London will exhibit for the first time with its collaborative partners - Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Private Care (NHS unit), Cleveland Clinic London, Cromwell Hospital, HCA Healthcare UK, King Edward VII's Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare Private Care (NHS unit), Phoenix Hospital Group, The London Clinic, and University College London Hospitals Private Healthcare (NHS unit).

Together they will showcase why London, which boasts a unique blend of internationally acclaimed healthcare institutions, stands as a world-leading medical tourism destination.

Each year London continues to attract a significant number of overseas patients, particularly from the Middle East. Annually, over 100,000 individuals based abroad choose London as their preferred destination for medical treatment, a number that continues to rise.

Speaking on behalf of Healthcare London David Hare MBE, CEO of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network which hosts Healthcare London said: “At Healthcare London, we want to make it as easy as possible for patients to get treatment in London. Our single portal enables patients and referrers to explore treatment options and find the most suitable hospital for their needs. With choice comes complexity, and we are committed to guiding patients through London’s medical landscape to access the finest healthcare London has to offer.

“London brings together a distinguished community of healthcare professionals, and led by the world’s top medical talent, who are committed to delivering unparalleled medical treatments and services to patients from Saudi Arabia and the wider MENA region."

London is home to some of the finest healthcare available anywhere in the world and over many years has pioneered many groundbreaking medical discoveries including modern surgery.

Situated in a diverse, multicultural city, London’s network of teaching and private hospitals has the highest concentration of medical and surgical specialists of any global city. Together, they are well-positioned and experienced in serving the needs of patients that access them for care from around the globe.

From advanced diagnostics to the treatment of complex conditions, London’s private hospitals collectively deliver one of the broadest service ranges available in a single city anywhere in the world. They also continue to innovate with telehealth and the virtual patient experience, which are increasingly becoming a key part of the patient pathway. 

David added “To facilitate access to the quality treatment London provides, several leading private healthcare providers, including prominent NHS teaching hospitals with private patient units, have united under the banner of 'Healthcare London'.

“Healthcare London is committed to facilitating individuals seeking the finest and safest care to access and progress their complex healthcare needs within London's centres of excellence, where they benefit from multidisciplinary, value-based, coordinated care services.”

Healthcare London’s partners are committed to sharing expertise with Saudi clinicians through training programs, both in-country and remotely, as well as staff exchanges in London. This initiative aims to enhance medical practices and patient care standards, benefiting healthcare both locally and globally.

Health Tourism Future Forum takes place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from 28th to 30th April 2024.

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