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Accelerated access to innovative treatments 

As part of your treatment, we may recommend that you have a course of chemotherapy (anti-cancer drugs) for the best approach to treating your cancer. 

We have an outstanding team of medical and clinical oncologists who are experts in this type of cancer treatment and who are committed to bringing the most innovative therapies to our patients. 

As one of our private patients, you can be assured of accelerated access to these treatments and you will be able to start your chemotherapy rapidly if it is recommended for you. 

First class cancer care 

Your chemotherapy treatment will be led by highly expert specialists in anti-cancer drugs working closely with the multi-disciplinary team looking after you. Many of our consultant clinical and medical oncologists have a national and international reputation for their research and clinical care and will be able to offer you the very best in patient-focused care. 

In addition to your consultant-led team, you will be supported by dedicated nurses in our chemotherapy day unit if you are being treated at Charing Cross hospital. We aim to help you feel as relaxed as possible and our chemotherapy suite is a quiet, calm unit with flexibility on the times when you can have your treatment. 

You will be seen by the same nurses throughout your chemotherapy treatment so that they get to know you and your needs well and there is a continuity of care. 

Our nurses work as part of a multi-disciplinary team which includes a clinical nurse specialist, who is specially trained in your type of cancer, and a cancer support navigator who will help you with any questions about your appointments. 

Access to newer drugs

Our strong academic links with the world-class research institution Imperial College means our consultant oncologists are involved in an extensive range of trials exploring new drug therapies. 

Our involvement in research means you may have access to newer chemotherapy regimes which are not available at other centres. Your consultant will be able to discuss with you the type of drug trials we are involved in and whether taking part in a trial might be the best option for you. 

Your chemotherapy treatment 

As part of your treatment, we may recommend that you have a course of chemotherapy (anti-cancer drugs) for the best approach to treating your cancer. 

Your expert multi-disciplinary team will agree the proposed treatment plan and you will be involved in all decisions. There are many different types of chemotherapy drugs and all the chemotherapy options will be discussed with you, whether using a single drug or a combination of therapies for the best approach to treat your cancer. 

Your chemotherapy can be delivered intravenously (injected into a vein) or in the form of a tablet or capsule. 

Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy cancer cells and it may be a recommended treatment for you to:

  • Cure your cancer
  • Stop your cancer returning
  • Keep your cancer under control 
  • Alleviate your symptoms 

We will work with you to ensure we have the best plan to help you with any side effects and help your body recover from the treatment. This is likely to include having rest periods between your courses of treatment. Chemotherapy and the rest period make up one cycle of your treatment and your cancer doctor will explain the number of cycles you need.