The Bariatric dietitians provide support and guidance during your pre-operative and post-operative surgical journey. Patients that have completed the Tier 3 weight management program at the imperial weight centre or an equivalent program elsewhere in the UK, whom are suitable for surgical intervention will see the bariatric dietitians as part of the Tier 4 bariatric service. 

Once you have been given a date for your surgery the bariatric dietitians will meet with you in a virtual group setting to discuss the pre-operative diet which all of our patients are asked to strictly follow in the weeks leading up to surgery. This diet is often known as the liver shrinkage diet and the aim of this diet is to reduce the glycogen stores in the body especially those in the liver. This results in the liver ‘shrinking’ in size making it easier to move to safely perform bariatric surgery.

One to one appointments are offered to those requiring additional support, for example individuals requiring interpreters or those who have been asked to follow the diet for longer than 2 weeks. 

Post-operatively, the bariatric dietitians will provide support and guidance around the types of foods and fluids you will need to choose in the first 12 weeks after surgery. This includes a staged build-up of different textures from liquid, pureed, soft and back to normal healthy eating.  You will receive two routine follow up appointments with the bariatric dietitians for the first 2 years post-operatively to support long term healthy eating and sustainable weight loss. 

Throughout your surgical journey you will have access to our dietetic team, who can offer tailored advice and answer any questions or concerns you may have around nutrition and diet. 

Please see below useful websites 

Dietary protocol for bariatric surgery

These leaflets contain information on the diet you need to follow before the surgery and the texture modified diet in the 12 weeks following the surgery.

Please note that the pre-operative diet should be followed in the two weeks immediately before the surgery only. Some individuals will be asked to follow the diet for longer, but this will be a modified form of the diet and you will need to speak with the dietitian for further help with this on 020 3312 5688.

Watch the video to find out more about the pre-operative stage of the diet.