Find out how to refer patients to our bariatric surgery service.


Please use NHS e-Referrals to refer a patient to our bariatric surgery service.

Please note that all NHS patients must be referred by a GP. All new patients referred for obesity management are initially seen at one of our group seminars, which is run weekly.

GP advice

Phone: 020 3312 5689

For advice regarding non-surgical weight management, please contact Sibu Moyo, Tier 3 bariatric co-ordinator on 020 3312 6561 or email IMPERIAL.TIER3.WEIGHT@NHS.NET.

For advice about referrals to our bariatrics service, please contact Debbie O’ Rourke, our Tier 4 bariatric coordinator, on 020 3312 6449 or email IMPERIAL.BARIATRICS@NHS.NET.