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Fast and accurate diagnostic service

About the service

At Imperial College Healthcare Private Care, we are able to offer you a fast and accurate diagnostic service to help to determine your condition or provide minimal invasive interventional treatment for your condition. This service is offered at St Mary’s, Charing Cross and Hammersmith hospitals and we can arrange appointments for you at the hospital of your choice, to give you maximum flexibility. 

Our highly skilled imaging team will welcome you and put you at ease before and during your procedure.

Your results will be interpreted by an experienced consultant radiologist and shared with your referring consultant, ensuring an accurate diagnosis of your conditions within 24 hours of your diagnostic tests.

Photo of  nuclear medicine technologist

Your referring consultant will then be able to discuss the results with you and proceed with any necessary treatment as soon as possible. If you do require an interventional radiology procedure, the referring consultant will liaise with our team of experienced interventional radiology consultants to organise the procedure and admission if required. 

All imaging examinations are retained indefinitely on our systems, which means we will always have them available for comparison should you require any follow up diagnostics. A copy of your images on a CD or via a link for download could be provided upon request. 

Services we offer

We are able to offer you a comprehensive range of imaging and diagnostic tests including: 

Hybrid imaging

Hybrid imaging combines two or more imaging technologies into a single form of imaging. Our hybrid imaging options enable us to make early and accurate diagnosis of a wide range of conditions. 

Our equipment includes PET-CT scanners and the state-of-the-art Siemens Intevo Bold SPECT-CT camera, which is situated at Hammersmith Hospital. We are also able to use nuclear medicine for bone scans, renal scans, cardiac scans and all radioisotope studies. 

Our DEXA scanner enables us to check for bone density without the claustrophobia of being scanned through a tunnel or ring. 

Interventional radiology 

Our interventional radiology options are minimally invasive techniques including x-ray, fluoroscopy, CT, MRI or ultrasound, which reduce the need for surgery. We are able to carry out a wide range of procedures, from basic angiograms to the most complex interventional cases. 

Our dedicated nursing team will be on hand to support you before, during and after your procedure. 

MRI scans 

We are able to undertake all MRI scans on one of our ten scanners. We offer MRI guided procedures for treatment of various conditions such as Liver metastasis, uterine fibroids and essential tremor. 

CT scans 

We are able to provide the full range of CT scanning options, including Cardiac CT, CT colonoscopy and CT guided interventional procedures. 


We offer the full range of ultrasound examinations and interventions including those for musculoskeletal conditions and breast imaging. For details on pregnancy scans please visit our maternity section


We perform all general and specialised x-rays including OPG (an x-ray of the lower face) and mammograms. 


We offer the full range of fluoroscopic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Paediatric Radiology service

We are one of the largest providers of paediatric imaging in England offering full range of paediatric diagnostic imaging. 


Why choose us 

Our highly skilled team of consultant radiologists have access to cutting edge imaging equipment including a suite of ten MRI scanners, seven CT scanners, 2 PET-CT scanners, multiple nuclear medicine scanners, DEXA (bone density imaging), general x-rays and ultrasound. We also have the latest SPECT-CT scanner which is situated on our Hammersmith Hospital site. 

We provide access to exceptional clinical care and expertise, within some of London’s most respected NHS teaching hospitals. As part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, we have strong links to research, innovation and teaching. This means we actively contribute to advancing healthcare, as well as providing evidence-based treatments and the best possible care for our patients.  

All funds generated by our private care services are continually reinvested back into the Trust, to support both NHS and private clinical services. So, by choosing private care at Imperial College Healthcare, you’re making a difference to the communities we serve.   

We are open Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00 at Hammersmith, Charing Cross and St Mary’s hospitals.  

You can call the Imaging departments directly on: 

St Mary’s Hospital 0203 312 2020 or email  

Charing Cross Hospital 0203 311 0106 or email 

Hammersmith Hospital 0203 313 4792 or email