Learn more about the investigations and treatments offered by our cardiology service.

Our cardiology service uses cutting-edge clinical innovations to treat and prevent heart conditions and offer a full range of investigations, treatments and management for cardiac conditions. Below, please see leaflets to help you learn more about the investigations and treatments we offer at our hospitals. 

Patient information leaflets

Echocardiogram - Information for patients, relatives and carers


This leaflet is designed to give you information about what to expect when you come to hospital for a echocardiogram. We hope it will answer some of the questions that you or those who care for you may have at this time. This leaflet is not meant to replace the discussion between you and your medical team but aims to help you understand more about what is discussed.

Why is the scan performed?

The scan provides your doctor with specific information about the structure of your heart. It will also provide the doctor with information about the flow of blood to your heart which cannot be detected with an ordinary ECG

What happens during the scan?

When you enter the examination room, you will be asked to undress to the waist and lie on your left side and a small amount of gel will be applied to your chest. A probe will then be manoeuvred to allow the technician to see your heart. As this is a teaching hospital there may be some training of medical staff during the test only with your agreement.

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