Our head and neck cancer service team includes consultants, clinical nurse specialists and maxillofacial prosthetists.

Consultant head and neck surgeons

Mr Zaid Awad
Mr Jonathan Bernstein
Mr Peter Clarke
Mr Alasdair Mace

Consultant plastic and reconstructive microsurgeons

Mr Frank Henry
Mr Navid Jallali
Mr Simon Wood

Consultant clinical oncologists

Dr Dorothy Gujral
Dr Sarah Partridge

Consultant oral surgeons

Mr Josiah Eyeson 
Ms Nicki Tanna

Restorative dentistry

Ms Ulpee Darbar

Head and neck prosthetist

Ms Sarah Jones

Macmillan clinical nurse specialists

Teresa Gascoyne 
Catherine Lyons
Claire Nugent

Speech therapists 

Louise Barrett
Lee Bolton
Margaret Coffey 
Sinead Rothrie


Suzanne Evans
Kelly Wade-Mcbain