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Mr Alasdair Mace graduated from St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, Imperial College London in 1996. After posts in neurosurgery at Queen Square Hospital and plastic surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital he returned to St Mary’s to start his career in ear, nose and throat (ENT). 

His higher surgical training on the London deanery otolaryngology training programme was predominantly in central London teaching hospitals including St Bartholomew's, Charing Cross and The Royal Free hospitals. These internationally respected centres of excellence provided an exceptional general ENT training with a principal emphasis in head and neck surgery and laryngology. 

In 2007, Alasdair completed a fellowship as visiting physician at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard University Medical School, Boston, USA, learning advanced thyroid and parathyroid surgery techniques. He also completed research into laryngeal nerve monitoring in thyroid surgery and papillary thyroid cancer. 

On his return to the UK he was awarded the position of Royal College of Surgeons Post- Certificate of Completion of Training Fellow in Laryngology. This post was based at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital, and involved developing advanced skills in the management of voice, airway and swallowing disorders. He was awarded the certificate of completion of training by the Postgraduate Medical Education Training Board (UK) in 2008. He was appointed as consultant ENT head and neck surgeon at Charing Cross and St Mary’s hospitals in March 2009. His appointment at this major London cancer centre involves the management of head and neck malignancy, including major cancer resections along with surgery for benign diseases, thyroid surgery, voice and swallowing problems. 

In addition to clinical roles, he is an honorary senior lecturer at Imperial College Medical School. He has published over 30 academic papers and textbook chapters, and teaches on a number of national and international medical courses. He is a faculty member of the Royal College of Surgeons education programme and an examiner for MB, BS. From 2013 to 2017 he was the head of speciality for ENT, audiology and oral Surgery at Imperial. He is now the lead clinician for head and neck cancer in the Trust. 

His areas of specialist interest include tonsil problems, head and neck lumps, salivary diseases, laser surgery for throat cancers, voice disorders, thyroid surgery, nasal and sinus problems. He also provides expert management for all common ENT problems.

He is a member of the British Association of Otolaryngologists, Head and Neck Surgeons, the British Thyroid Association, The British Association of Endocrine and Thyroid Surgeons, The British Laryngology Association and The British Association of Head and Neck Oncologists.


Ear nose and throat conditions, ear and hearing problems, nose and sinus problems, mouth and throat, voice and swallowing problems, salivary gland problems, head and neck lumps, head and neck cancer, throat and mouth cancer

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