Our ambulatory emergency care (AEC) service provides same-day, consultant review for patients with urgent or emergency health problems without the need for attendance in A&E or, where possible, hospital admission.

AEC offers easy access to diagnostic tests and review by consultants in one place, providing a seamless experience for patients. Appropriate patients can be referred directly to our AEC units at Charing Cross and St Mary’s hospitals.

Our AEC service provides care for patients with a number of presumed conditions who are stable and mobile. 

Conditions we treat

Presumed conditions that can be reviewed and treated in our AEC units include:

  • abscesses
  • cellulitis
  • deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • ear, nose and throat conditions including tonsillitis and Bell's palsy
  • first fits
  • giant cell arteritis (GCA)
  • hyperemesis gravidarum
  • iron infusion
  • low risk chest pain
  • low risk GI bleed
  • low risk head injury
  • low risk pulmonary embolism
  • lower respiratory tract infections (LRT)
  • painless jaundice
  • pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO)
  • red hot joint
  • renal colic
  • stable pyelonephritis
  • transient loss of consciousness (TLOC pathway)
  • upper GI bleed