Our breast screening service is managed by a team of consultants radiologists, pathologists, surgeons and nurses.

Our screening service is provided by a multidisciplinary team: 

  • Administrators are responsible for booking your appointment, sending your invitation letter and processing your screening results 
  • Radiographers perform your screening test, a type of x-ray known as a mammogram, and process the x-ray films 
  • Radiologists read and interpret your mammogram results 
  • Radiologists will assess you if the results from your mammogram are inconclusive and further tests are needed 
  • Breast care nurses offer advice and care if you need to return for further tests after screening

Consultant radiologists

Dr Deborah Cunningham, clinical director of breast services
Dr Nigel Barrett, director of WoLBSS
Dr Stella Comitis, deputy director of WoLBSS
Dr Sylvie Flais
Dr Neelofer Zaman 
Dr Gita Ralleigh 
Dr Victoria Stewart 
Dr Neil Upadhyay 
Dr Hema Purushothaman 
Dr Angela Gupta 
Dr Tran Seaton
Dr Sarah George


Katy Hogben 
Daniel Leff
Paul Thiruchelvam

Breast imaging and screening manager

Julie Somers

Deputy superintendent radiographers

Jackie de Sousa 
Sally Kirkcaldy

Breast care nurse

Vickki Harmer, team leader