Find out how patients are referred to our breast screening service.

GPs do not need to refer to this service. Appointments are automatically sent by the West of London Breast Screening Service, on a three-yearly basis, to all eligible women registered with GP practices in west London, central London, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hillingdon, and Hounslow CCGs. GP practices are notified approximately two months before eligible women registered with them are invited for screening.

To prevent invitations being sent inappropriately, practices are asked to provide the names of women exempt from breast screening, for example women who have had a bi-lateral mastectomy or who need to be ceased under the mental capacity act.

The exception to this is women who have a family history/higher risk of developing breast cancer. All referrals must be accompanied by a letter from a genetics or oncology service indicating their level of risk.

Some eligible women can self-refer to this service

Women under 53: If a woman is under 53 and has received an invitation that she cancelled or did not attend, the West of London Breast Screening Service (WoLBSS) can book a screening appointment as required. All other women should receive their first screening invitation by their 53rd birthday. If an invitation has not been received by that time, the woman should contact WoLBSS.

Women over 53: If a woman is over 53 and has not been invited for breast screening within the last three years, she can contact WoLBSS to make an appointment. WoLBSS will investigate why an appointment has not been received and, if appropriate, will then book one.

Women over 70: Women over the age of 70 can request screening every three years. They should contact WoLBSS directly at 020 3758 2024 to make an appointment.