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Dr Hirah Rizki is a consultant breast and reconstructive surgeon specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Her expertise lies in oncoplastic breast surgery and reconstruction, seamlessly integrating principles from both oncology and plastic surgery. This comprehensive approach ensures holistic care, emphasizing both cancer treatment and aesthetic outcomes. Dr Rizki has been serving as a consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust since 2021.

Having graduated from Imperial College London in 2008 with a medical degree (MBBS) and a BSc (Hons) in Medical Sciences with Management, Dr Rizki continued to excel in her career. She successfully passed the MRCS and FRCS examinations in surgery and underwent specialized training, including a prestigious Oncoplastic TIG fellowship at the Royal Marsden Hospital. This fellowship honed her skills in advanced breast surgery and reconstruction.

Dr Rizki holds several distinguished positions, including the role of clinical governance lead for breast surgery at the Trust, where she elevates departmental standards. Additionally, her advisory position at Exact Sciences enhances her influence, providing valuable insights into the use of genetic profiling in cancer. She has contributed significantly to the field through numerous publications on breast cancer treatments in collaboration with colleagues.

Education is at the forefront of Dr Rizki's endeavours. She mentors medical students at Imperial College London, emphasizing compassionate patient care. In addition, she serves as an educational and clinical supervisor, guiding surgical trainees in West London. Furthermore, she hosts an educational podcast where she discusses recent evidence guiding best practices in breast cancer treatment.

Dr Rizki envisions a healthcare landscape characterised by personalised, efficient, and empathetic care. Her dedication to innovative practices and clinical skills in oncoplastic breast surgery and reconstruction drives her commitment to shaping the future of healthcare.


Research & publications

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