At Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust we provide critical care to patients across the St. Mary’s, Charing Cross and Hammersmith sites. 

All units across both sites provide patients and their families with the highest level of care in alignment with our Trust values of kindness, collaboration, expertise and aspiration. We are very much one team and work together closely to ensure our patients are at the centre of our care. We currently have 88 critical care beds across the 3 hospitals, and this will be increased in response to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Please see Covid-19 page to find out how we are working to protect and care for our patients during the pandemic.  

About critical care

Critical care also known as Intensive Care (ICU) is a multi-disciplinary healthcare team looking after people with life-threatening conditions. Critical care units are areas within the hospital which are specially staffed, equipped and designed to closely monitor and treat patients with life-threatening conditions. Patients may need specialist treatment because one or more of their body systems, such as their heart, lung or kidneys, are not working properly.

Our Team

We are a large multidisciplinary team in critical care, everyone plays a vital role in the care and recovery of our patients. The roles in our team include the following:

  • ICU medical team- including Consultants, middle grade and junior grade doctors
  • ICU nursing team- including unit matrons, senior charge nurses, charge nurses, and registered nurses. We also have non registered support staff who are there to support the registered nursing staff in delivering care to our patients. 
  • Physiotherapists 
  • Dieticians
  • Pharmacists
  • Speech and Language Therapists