Our pancreas transplant service provides between 15 and 20 transplants per year to patients in north west London.

We are also happy to receive patients from other parts of the country by personal or medical request. The vast majority of these procedures are simultaneous pancreas-kidney (SPK) transplants in which a pancreas transplant is performed in tandem with a kidney transplant.

Less frequently, a pancreas transplant may be performed following previous kidney transplantation, to treat diabetes-related complications, or as a pancreas alone transplant in patients with severe type 1-diabetes related complications but preserved renal function. Please consult your diabetes specialist for further information.

Currently, all pancreas transplant related consultations are being offered at Hammersmith Hospital.

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Clinical trials and research

Our patients may be invited to take part in a study that contributes to the understanding of transplantation immunobiology, clinical outcomes and how to better facilitate successful and safe transplantation in both the short and long term.