Meet the genomics and personalised medicine team

Our genomic medicine service is managed by a team of genomic practitioners and clinical genomic champions.

Teena Ferguson


Teena Ferguson: Deputy Chief of Staff


Deputy Chief of Staff
I have been working at the Trust since December 2014 and am currently the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Office of the Medical Director. My dynamic and wide ranging portfolio encompasses a number of key clinical leadership workstreams that include Genomics and personalised medicine, CQUIN, HOTT, GIRFT and Medical Professional Development and Engagement. Iam also currently working towards an MBA in Business at the prestigious Henley School of Business and more widely a public governor for Bedfordshire Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Demetra Georgiou


Demetra Georgiou Genomics Transformation Manager



Genomics Transformation Manager
My aim is to enable teams embed genomics in their practice. I am here to support colleagues develop new pathways, foster multidisciplinary collaborations and innovate in the field of genomic medicine. I have also supported the North Thames GMSA, through my role as Genetic counsellor lead, engage with clinicians and deliver genomic education courses. I am currently vice chair of the British Society of Genomic Medicine.

Kehinde Fakayode


Kehinde Fakayode Genomics Practitioner

Genomics Practitioner
I’m working collaboratively with ICHT clinicians and external multi-disciplinary teams on department clinical projects such as: Whole Genomes Sequencing (WGS), delivering of 100K results to West London Genomic Medicine Centre patients. I also provide clinical support to both the trust’s internal and external stakeholders towards the transformation of ICHT’s genomic and personalised medicine.


Emanuel Curetean


Emanuel Curetean Genomics Practitioner


Genomics Practitioner
I work closely with multiple Departments, Teams, Clinicians and LDP’s to ensure a smooth operation of the Genomics and Personalized Medicine service. Also offering technical/troubleshooting and logistical support.


Jennifer Pascual

Jennifer Pascual Genomics Practitioner
Genomics Practitioner
My main responsibility is to work alongside with the ICHT clinicians for the mainstreaming of genomic pathways. Neurogenetic (adult/paed) and Haematology (adult/paed) are one of the clinics that I’m supporting. From February 2021 up to October 2022, I was assisting the ICHT and Northwick Park Hospital joint genomic clinics for the whole genome sequencing test by contacting and consenting families and liaising their samples with genomic laboratory hubs. I was also involved in 100k genomes project back in 2018. 

Hannah Osman


Anjali Trivedi Genomic Research Nurse

Senior Genomic Practitioner
My main responsibility in this role is the coordination of the return of additional health findings from the 100,000 Genomes Project (100KGP) to participants recruited at the West London Genomic Medicine Centre. In this role I liaise with a number of healthcare professionals, am responsible for ensuring the team is on track to meet the key performance indicators associated with the return of additional

findings, and attend several national and local working group meetings. I’m also responsible for recruiting participants from the project onto the ‘priorities and preferences for whole-genome sequencing’ research study which aims to evaluate whether patients being offered whole-genome sequencing (WGS) are making an informed decision to accept or decline testing. 

Anjali Trivedi

Anjali Trivedi Genomic Research Nurse
Genomic Research Nurse
My role in the team is to support whole genome sequencing consenting and auditing, working closely with clinicians across the trust, as well as assisting MDTs and patients who have been involved in the 100K Genomes Project as it comes to a close, while also overseeing projects being carried out by the internal team.