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The fertility and reproductive medicine service based at St Mary’s Hospital provides comprehensive medical and surgical investigation.

We treat all types of ovulation disorders, as well as providing surgical management of tubal problems or womb abnormalities.

Our reproductive endocrine and fertility clinics are a consultant-delivered service with complete continuity of care.

The ovulation induction service is also consultant delivered. The protocols we use for treatment were developed at St Mary's Hospital.

Conditions and treatments

Our service treats ovulation disorders, menstrual disturbance, tubal problems, womb abnormalities, premature ovarian failure, and low fertility with an endocrine cause in male patients.

Our reproductive endocrine clinic is led by Professor Stephen Franks, who has a worldwide reputation in the assessment and treatment of women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – a hormone condition that causes menstrual and fertility problems.

The clinic has a particular interest in women with premature ovarian failure, their long-term management and fertility concerns. Women suffering from premature ovarian failure receive a combined service with our endocrinologists to address all aspects of their care. 

Additional information

Elective placements

Please contact Mr Rehan Salim, head of reproductive medicine, via his secretary for information about elective placements.

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