Our service is managed by a team of consultants.


Dr Danielle Power, clinical lead for radiotherapy service
Dr Riz Ahmad
Dr Suzy Cleator
Dr Alison Falconer 
Dr Steve Mangar
Dr Ed Park
Dr Sarah Partridge
Dr Pippa Riddle
Dr Simon Stewart
Dr Matt Williams
Dr Conrad Lewanski

Radiotherapy team 

Mrs Suzanne Harrow, lead 
Mrs Angela Cox, operational lead  

Radiation physics team 

Mr Ian Coles, lead

Pre-treatment section 

Mr Brendan Harris, lead

Treatment section 

Mr Paul Murray, lead
Ms Cathy Haynes, treatment review radiographer
Ms Janice Boden, treatment review radiographer


Mr Simon Coughlan, lead

Radiotherapy imaging 

Ms Katie Perkins, lead

Breast specialist radiographer 

Mrs Camarie Welgemoed


Ms Sindy Singh, lead

Quality and safety 

Ms Doris Lovell, manager