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Our orthotics and prosthetics teams provide service to people who have undergone amputation, those who may need an amputation and those with congenital limb loss.

We maintain and repair artificial limbs and provide a rehabilitation service by a multidisciplinary team. We help treat and rehabilitate patients by providing an orthosis to aid movement, correct deformity and relieve discomfort.

We provide:

  • the provision and fitting of orthoses, helmets, abdominal and spinal corsets, callipers, trusses, braces and footwear adaptation (both custom and stock)
  • the provision and fitting of stock and custom footwear
  • the provision and fitting of collar and hand splints, heel pads, simple inlays and internal shoe raise
  • lymphoedema upper limb garment fitting and supply
  • fitting of compression stockings and pressure garments
  • the provision and fitting of temporary orthoses and abdominal and spinal corsets
  • the provision and fitting of helmets and specialist neurological collars
  • paediatric orthotics (St Mary’s Hospital only)

We offer multidisciplinary assessment and innovative approaches to management of patients with neurological conditions.

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