Our hand and wrist virtual fracture clinic service is a targeted triage service that offers phone consultations with a multidisciplinary team of specialists within two to three days of referral.

Our specialist team has found that in the vast majority of cases, the most effective way of managing a fracture is to access specialist assessment and treatment within a few days of your injury. That’s why our team created this new service – to enable you to access the right specialist for an assessment as quickly as possible, without having to wait for an appointment letter or make a cumbersome trip to hospital.

Following your assessment during your visit to A&E or the urgent care centre, you will be referred to the hand and wrist virtual fracture clinic. A hand and wrist surgeon and a hand therapist will review the history of your injury and any recent x-rays that were taken during your initial assessment. This information will help them to determent whether you need to attend our fracture clinic, or hand therapy service or if you injury can be managed with advice over the telephone. 

Conditions we treat

Our virtual fracture clinic assesses and manages the following conditions:

  • finger fractures
  • finger sprains and dislocations
  • soft tissue wrist injuries
  • suspected scaphoid fractures
  • wrist fractures

Our team make themselves available to patients as appropriate to support effective self-management of injuries. We will also share specialised information that will help you manage your injury.