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Our vertebral compression fracture clinic at St Mary’s Hospital provides early diagnosis and onward management for patients with a suspected spinal fracture.

The clinic is made up of a multidisciplinary team incorporating the expertise of orthopaedic, neurosurgical, osteoporosis and rehabilitation specialists.

We provide rapid access to appropriate imaging and diagnostic tests, as well as surgery and therapies.

Treatments we offer

If your fracture can be treated with medication and physiotherapy this will be organised. The majority of patients who do not require surgery see an improvement in pain over the first few months following a fracture.

If surgical treatment is required, the risks and benefits will be discussed with you, along with details of what the procedure involves. Patients typically see a very significant improvement in pain in the first few weeks after surgery.

Balloon kyphoplasty surgery

The most common type of surgery for vertebral compression fracture is a procedure known as balloon kyphoplasty.

This involves a small incision being made over the affected bone, and a small balloon being inserted into the bone which is slowly inflated to restore some of the normal bone height.

This is then filled with cement and the balloon is removed. Balloon kyphoplasty usually involves staying in hospital overnight and the procedure has some low surgical complications, which will be discussed with you before proceeding with surgery.

If you have osteoporosis, if necessary we will also arrange for you to be referred to the bone health unit.

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