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Visiting restrictions are in place. Please call the ward to find out more. Find your hospital ward contact information:

Reduced opening hours at Western Eye Hospital accident and emergency department

Please be aware that due to patient capacity limit, the door to the Western Eye Hospital building might be closed earlier than 20.30. A clinician will continue to triage patients at the hospital entrance until 20:30 and only patients with problems considered to be urgent or sight threatening will be allowed to enter the emergency department for further treatment and management.

Our eye accident and emergency operates at the Western Eye Hospital between 08.00 and 20.30seven days a week.

From 20.30 and 08.00 please attend the emergency department at St-Mary’s hospital in Praed Street or Charing Cross Hospital if you have an urgent or sight threatening condition. There is an ophthalmologist on call to give the staff in this department advice. They will attend the hospital to see you if your condition is urgent or sight threatening.

Our eye accident and emergency service is based on the ground floor of the Western Eye Hospital. This is the only service of its kind in west London exclusively providing emergency eye treatment for both adults and children.

If you have an urgent or sight threatening condition, please attend the hospital and present yourself to reception where you will be triaged by a senior practitioner who will assess the urgency of your condition. Depending on the outcome of your triage assessment, you may then be seen by a specialist practitioner/ asked to return to your GP/optician or optometrist following advice.

Please be aware that this service is not for repeat prescriptions, missed clinical appointments, longstanding eye symptoms or non-emergency problems. Please seek GP or optometrist advice.

Contact information

Western Eye Hospital emergency department
Phone: 020 3312 32457

St Mary's Hospital emergency department
Phone: 020 3311 3311

Charing Cross Hospital  emergency department
Phone: 020 3311 1234

For more information including wait times please see our patient information page.

Find out about the temporary relocation of some Western Eye services 

The viewfinders, eyepieces of ani nstrument used in an eye test

We were treated with kindness and respect and my friend was seen quickly. She had a very thorough examination and was seen by a first rate consultant who explained her diagnosis and made arrangements for her to have urgent treatment. I was most impressed by the courtesy and professionalism of all the hospital staff.


The staff could not have been kinder. I was impressed with the speed I was assessed in, the rigorous tests and the thoughtfulness of the doctor who told me my options and was very thorough and helpful.

Western Eye accident and emergency

What a great facility to be able to see a specialist and get an expert assessment without having to wait for weeks. Organised and thoroughly professional. I only have praise for everyone who treated me. Many thanks.

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