The blood transfusion service provides blood components to patients requiring transfusion support for a variety of conditions as well as surgical support as and for patients who have been involved in major traumas. The blood transfusion laboratories provide a service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with clinical staff available to provide clinical support as required. The transfusion practitioner team are available during core hours for advice, support and training.

Conditions and treatments

Our services include:

  • Group and screen (adult and neonates)
  • Antibody identification
  • Direct antiglobulin test
  • Cross match
  • Blood component support

Pathology enquiries

Email: ICHC-tr.pathologyqueries@nhs.net

There is a pathology queries email that can be used by anyone, including staff, GPs and patients. The pathology quality team will either answer the query directly or pass it on to a more appropriate person within pathology and follow it up to make sure it is answered.

Further online resources