Preparing for appointments

Most first appointments will be conducted in person. If a subsequent appointment is needed, this may be conducted via telephone, video or in person depending on each patients needs. The patient will be seen jointly by a GP (general practitioner) and an ANP (advanced nurse practitioner). If patients would like to attend the appointment with a friend or relative they are welcome to do so. Yes, we would advise patients to bring an updated list of medications, their GP’s contact details and a list of questions.

Face to face appointments will take place at St Mary’s Hospital, Mint wing, ground floor, Chest and allergy department.


During the first joint GP/ANP appointment the patient will be assessed. This may include a physical examination and a thorough medical history. Following the assessment, the GP/ANP will review the patient information and discuss the proposed diagnostic investigations with the patient to obtain their consent and agreement of any further tests/investigations.

The in person appointments will take roughly 30 minutes and any follow up telephone consultations will take approximately 15 minutes. At-home test procedures using home test kits will be explored further with the patient if required.

Discussion during the appointment will consist of the patients presenting symptoms and any medical and social history that will support the GP to arrive at a diagnosis.

After the appointment

Follow-up tests will depend on the patient’s symptoms and any tests they may have had already. All proposed diagnostic investigations will be discussed with the patient. The patient will need to come to hospital for the tests. The patient can expect to hear from us via phone, letters, email, text and CIE.