The NIHR Imperial Clinical Research Facility is situated in the Imperial Centre for Translational and Experimental medicine at Hammersmith Hospital.

The unit provides dedicated space and expertise for early-stage clinical trials and other experimental medicine research projects. The aim of the Clinical Research Facility (CRF) is to support the translation of scientific advances into benefits for patients. A range of studies across all medical disciplines are carried out at the CRF with the support of qualified clinicians, research nurses and clinical research operational staff. The CRF is funded by 'One NIHR’ programme (National Institute for Health Research) and is an integral part of the Imperial Biomedical Research Centre (BRC). It functions as a hub for experimental medicine for researchers from a range of disciplines and backgrounds.

CRF facilities

Inpatient: The CRF has 13 in-patient beds providing 24 hour stays and continuous monitoring. Two side rooms are specialised for handling airborne toxins with negative pressure and one is equipped with a small lab for preparing gene therapy drugs. These side rooms are suitable for patients involved in studies requiring isolation, e.g. gene therapy, virus challenges, and radioisotope studies. Two rooms have been modified to support sleep studies, with continuous EEG and vital signs monitoring, infrared video surveillance and audio links to a remote laptop to allow overnight monitoring. A lounge area with a television, PCs and games consoles provide entertainment for long-stay volunteers. iPads and laptops are also available for participants to use within the clinical areas. Learn more on the 'One NIHR’ programme dedicated website