The Children's Clinical Research Facility at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust aims to improve the quality of life, treatment and care for children.

The Children's Clinical Research Facility’s research activities focuses on children with problems such as food allergy, asthma, sickle cell anemia, hepatitis, tuberculosis (TB), acute infections and sleep disordered breathing. The facility is based at St Mary’s Hospital and is generously supported by the Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust.

The facility has a waiting area separated into child and adolescent spaces so that older patients have an area where they can enjoy computer games and comics, while younger children have an area appropriate to their needs. There is an on-site laboratory so that valuable samples from patients can be quickly processed and analysed. There is also a dedicated food allergy preparation kitchen and a dispensing area for drugs and vaccines.

All children participating in our clinical trials have the best possible care and immediate access to our highly trained paediatric research team of clinicians, nurses, dieticians and other health professionals.